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My coins and my bars arrived in the U.K. yesterday, and the detail included in each design was amazing, I am gobsmacked.  

- Gordon (2015)

Oh my. Oh my, oh my.

These are, quite simply, lovely.

Thanks guys.

- Duncan (2015)

(About our coins)

Got my coins this morning! They are amazing. They are so heavy and feel really good in your hand. I am really really happy with them guys.

Thanks! - Hayley (2015)

My dice are awsome. Great quality! And as a hobbyist, I know these dice will remain unique.  - Aaron (2015)

Today my Dwarven dice arrived here in the Netherlands! Wow... they look beautiful! My 12 sided dice is beautiful, as is the free bag with your logo. Thank you for this smooth campaign. - Tom (2015)